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  1. Do you have an audio equalizer app on your phone by any chance? I tried an equalizer app recently, was trying to get more out of some new earbuds, but the result on my Android Auto system in my car was bad distortion! I disabled the equalizer app, and everything was fine.
  2. We saw something about this distillery in Ireland, Cape Clear Gin. Anybody tried it?
  3. I'd also be interested in the aluminum alloy and the anodizing spec?
  4. I bought new bolts for my quaife crown wheel. They look like ARP. I bought them from JAE in California. GTO in Wales should also have them I would think.
  5. My 1989 SE has aluminum liners, But no I used Hylomar AF to seal the liners. The Loctite 5188 would be too stiff and brittle for cylinder liners IMO.
  6. Shouldn't matter. The system is totally symmetric. Though Lotus does say this "Ensure that the oil cooling hoses are always re-connected to the engine in the original orientation in order to maintain the direction of oil flow. Due to the significant volume of oil held in the oil cooler circuit, it is recommended to purge the cooling system when changing the engine oil."
  7. search threads for IAC minimum air rate bleed screw adjustment
  8. I agree that the casting roughness is definitely causing a stress riser there. I think the actual mechanism may be stress corrosion cracking, definitely made worse by the interference fit and the galvanic dissimilarity of the steel bushing in there. It would be better if that rough casting line were sanded down, and the wishbone were thicker there, but may be due to the choice of alloy. High strength aluminum alloys like 2024 and 7075 may suffer more to stress corrosion cracking than other alloys such as 6061 or 7050. The wishbones should be protected from corrosion. A clear coating would be best so a crack could be easily seen if it forms. You could always oil them...
  9. I looks very similar in profile to the C5 Corvette
  10. I would, but they aren't coming anywhere near The middle of the country! The Denver dealer is not on the list of places they will visit!
  11. It'll be a replacement. I've had the Esprit 21 years.
  12. Deposit down yesterday... Let the patient waiting begin!
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