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I don't want to start the car

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I own LF1 Exige it is stored in my garage over the winter, by the looks of things probably for 4 months.

When i do have the opportunity to get it out i would like to turn the engine over but not start it.

I just want the oil to circulate the engine first.

Without getting to involved what can i disconnect from the engine that will stop it from starting.   

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Why can't you start it every week, let it idle for a while so it gets up to temp.

Last October I visited B&C for a test drive, when I get there it was about 9:30 in the morning, they had all the cars started and running outside. I asked why and the guy outside said that they do this regularly to help keep them ready etc.

I start and run the 3 mg's i have, around once per month and run them up and down my garden.

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I've owned the 340R for 21 years, 42,000 miles. It sits unused quite a lot these past 15 years - sometimes 6 months. I jump in, fire up and drive off. It does not seem to cause any issues, still on original engine. Clutch was replaced in 2010, still good. Suspension Koni originals, still good. 



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I understand your worry and desire to protect the engine, but 4 months should not be a problem. Loss of lubrication is more somthing to reconsider when you have done a rebuild or such and there is likely little or no oil between some moving bits at first start up, not just after being parked for a couple of months.

I would not let the car idle for no reason. Oil pressure and flow at low revs are not ideal, so could do more harm than good. When you do start it just take it out for a nice drive. I'm sure both you and the car will enjoy that after being parked up for a while. 😉


I have made many mistakes in my life. Buying a multiple Lotus is not one of them.


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Agree. Start the engine once a month, drive a mile or two if you can. Even if you can't, better to let it come up to temperature than sit there for an extended period. These Toyota engines get much worse treatment than that and massive mileages in their other applications with no problems!

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