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Emira Update from Lotus


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I had a whinge at lotus customer services in response to the last surprise 2-month delay estimate.

I had a pretty stock copy and paste email back, ignoring most of what I’d written but the main points were: 

the original delays last year were global supply chain and every car maker suffered from these. That’s fine but I knew that but, and I haven’t ordered a car from anyone else.

then they said the most recent “4 week” delay was not related to parts or supply chain. So I assume it’s something like manufacturing revisions and slowdown on the line. 
That didn’t really placate me and it didn’t add up to the amount of time they’ve shifted my delivery estimate, but interesting to hear it’s not all going tickety-boo in the factory. 

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Think this is the straw that breaks the camels back for me.  The delays are on them, appreciate they can't sell the cars at a loss and there is obviously a significant increase in cost to Lotus but my gut response is that I'm not willing to spend another £6k on a car that I was already struggling to justify :(





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Same here. I received the email around an hour ago, thought about it and just sent a notice that I want to cancel the order and have my deposit refunded.

Had the original build estimates be kept I’d have been quite happily driving around in an Emira now. I have purposely asked on two occasions to be put down the list as the revised timings were not aligned with my own requirements. That seems to have now bitten me. Firmly.


You live and learn. Mortgage will be cleared instead.

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I think I will sit in there for now

Was a pre-reveal depositor, so should be right near the top of the i4 list

It is currently still quoting july build august delivery.  If delivery slips back to october (ie winter) then I will take my chances with either the base waiting list or a one owner car.  Was not fussed when November 22 slipped through to March 23, August 23 is the limit of my patience, particularly when I also have topay an 8% premium for this fuckwhitery

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Just asked for my deposit back and cancelled my order


On the off chance that anyone at Lotus reads these threads, the trust I had Lotus as a long term enthusiast and someone that REALLY wants the company to succeed is gone.

So many broken promises on delivery dates and now a broken promise on the price.....


We promise your Lotus Emira First Edition will be worth the wait.

I really want to believe but I just can't bring myself to do so.

I've been looking forward and fantasising about this car for 20 months, gutted doesn't even get close to how I'm feeling today 😢

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