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Which Tyres? Elise 220 Sport Tyre options for 2023

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Hi all, 

Where’s going to be the best place to get some new tyres for my 2016 Elise 220 sport please?

Not getting much luck…



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If the dealers are the only ones with suitable tyres then surely the price isn't over inflated

hindsight: the science that is never wrong

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ASDA tyers just makesure you tell the fitters you choose to ballance them properly and don't damage the wheels when fitting  all fitted to 2007 exige correct sizes and speed and load rating for my car 


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19 minutes ago, Rambo said:

ASDA? I don't mind them for the odd packet of crisps or cheap pork pies. But tyres? That's a new one on me 😯

Just as good as any of the others it's all about the price and choice 


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Right now I have 175 55 16 on the front and 225 45 17 on the rear. They’re the AD07’s. 

I never thought tyres would be such a pain.  Easy enough to get tyres for the back, but a matching pair for the front…🤦‍♂️ 

So those tyres from Asda will go on ok?

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An update on the NS2-R tyres. I eventually got hold of a set of preloved twin spoke forged alloy wheels (still no sign of the TC5s) and had the Nankangs fitted. I did a track day at Donington Park on the Grand Prix circuit in August 2023 (drizzly on the first session but dry after that)  and a test day at Curborough Sprint in September 2023 (dry conditions).

My initial impression is that the NS2-R is a good road & occasional track day tyre. Pushing on through the Craner Curves at Donington I found my own personal limit and not that of the car's. If anything the CL RC5+ brake pads  exhibited fade on braking into the Melbourne Hairpin on a couple of occasions.  I have yet to try the tyres in fully wet conditions.

For me, personally, I felt that the NS2-R gave me more confidence compared to the V105s and they were more grippy given that the tyre is a 180 tread wear rated semi slick. I'd say it's a good budget alternative to the V105s and is potentially a halfway house towards the likes of the R888R and AR-1 tyres, with the AO52 still being the benchmark. 

A tyre to watch out for in 2024 will be the new Nankang CR-S. This has the potential to be a budget competitor to the AO52 and is being marketed by Nankang as its premium offering in the range above the AR-1 and NS2-R respectively.

Lover of everything Lotus Cars and proud owner of production Evora No.75 (2nd UK customer specced car by VIN). Originally from the Far East....of Anglia, I read black box data for a living so that could explain a lot!


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