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  1. I am not even sure the writer knows his esprits. The S3 is in all the ways a better build car than S2 and S1 , It is also more comfortable and quiter inside , so a better GTcar because of the changed rear wheel suspension It has the Turbo esprit chassis. But it does not drive dramatically better than its forebears. Compared to the S2.2 It has the same engine, but it is noticeably heavier .S2.2 is just 1000kg vs 1220kg for S3. In my S2.2 I do feel the difference driving alone vs with passenger, so 220kg extra is a lot on these cars. The S2.2 has the chapman strut. The S2.2 feels nimbler and will be faster even in cornering. So are S2, but these lack some torque. Also S1,S2,S2.2 have the looks.
  2. Both bulkhead material and airbox material are roughly 2,8mm thick but it isn't the same material. bulkhead has a honeycomb pattern and airbox has a diamont pattern. The bulkhead material has some sort of textile backing with rubber glued on it. You could use anti drumming materials as used to dampen cardoors. For my oldtimers ( esprit s2 and opel GT) in the interior floor,doors and on bulkhead, I used vibraflex from Merford.Those are industrial sort of bitumen mats used to dampen all sorts of material. You could use this material on the airbox. Heat it up with an airgun and it becomes very flexible and sticky and adheres to all sorts of materials and can be shaped into all sort of forms. It is about 3mm thick and has a black leatherlooking surface. It can be cut with a knife. It came in 1m x 1m panels.
  3. I have nankangs on my S2.2. tbh, I am happy with them out in the dry. I corner fast, don't spare the car and they are actually really OK. I wouldn't know in the wet. I never really push the car in the wet .I have NANKANG Ultra Sport NS-2 205/60R14 in front.I combined them with NANKANG Toursport NS 215/65R14 in the back. They have very different treads, but since I dressed them up as vintage good years , attention is drawn to the white lettering and not so to the different tread. Here some history of nankang:
  4. I am not sure, There is a red SE highwing ( with an afterwards modified nose Thomson style) 1992-1993 Followed by a yellow S4 ( also Thomson of course with the wing halfway up the rear) 1993-1996 Followed by a black 300 sport ( Stevens style and OZ rims) 1993 Followed by a blue S4S ( Thomson, OZ rims) 1995-1996 Followed by the green/yellow striped GT3 ( V8 wing added?) 1996-1998
  5. Yep , Plastidip is one way to go ( might have been me who suggested it ). If you follow the advice regarding the needed layers ( about 6 ) Then it will be easy to peel of, when the time has come. Until then you get a nice coat of black rubber . Watch out , Plasti dip does not like fuel. Another recommendation I can give may seem weird , but it is actually brilliant. About 9 years ago I applied it to my S2.2 and it is still holding up just fine . HG leather dye kit black . It works on leather, faux leather, plastics, even aluminium. Apply it with a roller and it flows out perfect. It is kinda gloss matt, plastic looking. I used it on : My frontbumper, ears, mirrorhousing, B pillar , licence plate holder, plastic triangles sidewindows , and also alu trim of the sidewindows, black plastic of the trim around the rear sidewindows .... When I got the esprit, the plastic had "greyed" . I cleaned it and wanted a permanent solution to get all outer black parts nice glossmat black again and this did it and stood the test of time. The kit comes with a transparent undercoat and the black dye and also rollers. Nothing to do with the question here, but I also restored my steering wheel leather with this product. Its just, I have no idea if this is availlable in the UK.
  6. Indeed Brands Hatch 2013 , The Esprit timeline. One of each type esprit, (1976 -2004) placed in order of production. It was great. Also the only time I was in the UK with my esprit. They needed an S2.2 for the timeline, so that was reason enough to cross the pont. Unfortunately, the red S1 didn't make it to the track, so first we had the blue S2, then there was a JPS S2 that also wasn't on the track, so my S2.2 was second in line followed by the essex esprit, an S3 and a turbo esprit and then the stevens esprits up to the last V8 models.
  7. Well, I am 6ft and I do fit in my S2.2 in a tailor -made suit... Not much room spare, but a comfortable place to be. S2 is identical to S2.2. Anyone bigger than 6ft , I would advice to first testdrive before buying. Later Esprits have more room. Roger Moore was 6 feet 1 1/2 inches. I have no Idea how he fitted in the S1
  8. gvy

    Esprit S2 1978

    An S2 that has stood still for 30 years may be a "time machine" . If all is present , then this car MUST be saved. But you should be aware that a Lotus of that era does mechanically not cope well with standing still, not being driven. So a mechanical restoration will be needed and that is not just a change of oil and fluids. Do not let anyone just connect a fresh battery and try to start it. If the old timing belt slips or breaks during this attempt, a perfectly good engine can become an expensive restoproject, ( bent valves,scarved cilinderliners or pistons etc.....) and that can all be avoided. This is an interference engine so no riscs can be taken . Also carburators : Carburators that have not been used for so long must be cleaned of gunk and residue and must be resealed. If they leak ( and the chances are big) , they leak on the high tension of the distributor and you risk ending up with a burnt out esprit. Clutch : The clutch slave cilinder or master cilinder will need attention or renewing. If it is not in proper condition (and after 30 years it will not) than you risk grinding the teeth in your citroen 5 speed transmission and again this leads to a very expensive ( unnecessary) gearboxrestoration. ( ask me how I know....). Knowing that a new slave cilinder costs next to nothing, this would be a bit silly to risk. And so on......
  9. Hi 1981esprit2.2, 3 years later....and this is an interesting discussion for me. My s2.2 got a respray by a previous owner, but the decals were placed back , incorporated in the double striping. To be honnest, I have searched the net for years and I have some books (fe LOTUS The Marque, by William Taylor ) and literally all pictures that I find of an esprit S2.2 have the decals in that place and in this the S2.2 differs optically from the S2. If I understand it well, also Giorgio his S2.2 has the ESPRIT2.2 decals incorporated in the stripes and not beside the fuelcap? Google esprit S2.2 for pictures and you get a bunch of S2.2 and all with the decals in the striping and also all of the S2 with the decals next to the fuelcap. So how can it be explained that you have an S2.2 from new, with the ESPRIT 2.2 decals next to the fuelcap ? There were only 88 S2.2 made, could yours be an early one where LOTUS placed the decals as on the S2 ? Is there another explanation? Another question. Is your nose decal "ESPRIT" or is it "ESPRIT2.2" ? On the S2 it was just "ESPRIT" and the S2.2 got a nosedecal ESPRIT2.2 Some random pictures I picked from the internet, new and historical 120 1024 × 768 0 × 800 934 × 700
  10. Hi Pete, I have seen your topic. My current old wiper rubber profile looks just like the one in your picture: I have followed your link to ebay and I found this : This should be your new rubber ? I wonder : The current old profile is 12mm high and the new ebay profile is 6mm high? Also the profile looks different. Does it really fit on you car?
  11. Hi Greg, Daka has a point here. The ESPRIT has a 28 year run and that is long for a car. The difference in driving experience between models is way more then just "gathering up speed quicker". Infact, you can't compare early esprits with the later ones. fe : the S1, S2,S2.2 were light cars , 1000kg max with rear suspension type chapman strut.... so very agile , but noisy inside, because the engine was part of the suspension. Therefore a lot less comfortable and also a bit cramped interior if you are bigger. Not very powerfull, but being light, very playfull and if in good condition, great fun to drive and play on the B-roads. Not really GT cars. May be also closest to the driving experience of an early elise. And the looks are beautifully pure. The S3 and maybe the Stevens X180 are not really more powerfull ( especially compared to the S2.2), but they drag 200kg or more extra weight and you can feel it. In return they are quieter inside, they offer a bit more room and lots more comfort and they are just better build cars , Less playfull I am afraid , but they have the better chassis in comparison with the early cars. The S3 is the most reliable Giugiaro esprit The turbo esprit and the esprit turbo (stevens) have the same heavier chassis as the S3, but they do make that good with more power, The esprit turbo SE with a lot more power. Not as nimble as the early cars, but fun because quick and more comfort. S4 and SE are plain quick sports GT's also capable on highways. S4S and GT3 are the latest and have power steering and ABS, again a very different feel and a more spacious ergonomic cabin. Better heating and ventilation. And they are infact the most reliable if in good maintained condition. You can't compare the driving experience of these esprits with the early ones. And then the V8 : well a different league / car , not necessarally the better esprit, but very different. What I mean : You cannot drive "an esprit" and decide if you like it or not. You should look for what is important for you and try to ride that one. In hindside, a bit the same as comparing a 7ties porsche 911 with a millenium 911.
  12. I have a habbit to clean my windows , clay them and apply a waterrepellent coating spray (containing SIO2), making it hydrophobic but.... Even if I don't use ithe car much in the rain, I just prefer to have a good working wiper. My rubber profile has torned over 0.5mm and I just like to renew it . So if anyone can point me in the right direction
  13. Old topic , but question. I never changed the windshield wiper on my esprit S2.2 It 's not that I drive it a lot in the rain, I just like to have it renewed and in good working condition. Can anyone point me to a source , preferably a common autopart product ( that I do not have to buy in the UK since I live in Belgium) Other possibility, Can someone point me to a source where I can find just the right rubber profile. The wiper is in OK condition, so just the rubber would be fine. I don't seem to find the right type. It looks as if the profile of my current rubber is different to most things I see on the internet?
  14. Giugiaro Lotus Esprits are fairly rare cars. and yet.... Friday there were suddenly two of us at the oldtimer meeting that takes place every 2nd Friday of the month in St Lievens Houtem.(Belgium east flanders) My S2.2 (88 copies built 1980, 1981) was accompanied by a red S3 (732 copies 1981-1987). A little later in the meeting we were able to park them side by side. I met the owner about 3 years ago . He bought an S2, with a lot of work. And since he had no spare time ( building a house) , he now bought himself an S3. It was good meeting him again and chatting cars. A rather extreme detomaso pantera stole the show , but it was loud....way to loud. Its V8 had just straight pipes to the back of the car
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