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    engine rebuild, JE pistons, Alunox manifold and exhaust, GT3071R turbo, AEM Infinity ECU, Audi COP, custom header tank, custom guages, poly bushings, LOTAC suspension, Wilwood big brake kit all wheels, custom wheels, LED halo headlights, cruise control, custom window motors, custom aluminum fuel tanks
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  1. looks like its boosting to the chip's limit
  2. the fuel pump relay gets 5 volts at coil or terminal 30? I recently replaced all relays with units with diode across coil and discovered that not all the sockets were wired for 85 being positive (and also saw in wiring diagram that the starter relay has an external diode for coil). car wouldnt start until i remedied the situation. whatever the case you will have to examine every connection you touched
  3. i 2nd the threaded rods. thats how i did it the last time
  4. on sheet 8B, BO goes to rad fan cntl rly. sheet 13 shows PK to headlamp module probably unused as stated
  5. the sills are removable...you could modify it to clear the knob if you wanted to lower your seat. you could probably just remove the seat and cut the carpet, peel it away from the sill where you want to modify it in situ without removing the sill... here is a pic from my LHD SE
  6. another data point i get 95 (laptop with external mic) to 97 Hz (phone) (30 BTDC) at a Krikit value of about 40 (TDC) on my blue belt when placing my my finger at exact midpoint between aux and intake sprockets on Krikit haven't driven it yet but those are the frequency values for the PC, i used a free program Visual Analyser 2022 which has features to scale to the range desired for better resolution and auto-calibrate out background noise
  7. 66 o-ring to o-ring bosch 75 total length 11.5 clip slot from end 14.6 o-ring dia 16 body dia 60 o-ring to o-ring RC 70.8 total length 8.7 clip slot from end 66 o-ring to o-ring Five-o 74 total length 10.8 clip slot from end 14 o-ring dia 17 body dia 14.6 o-ring OD 3.62 o-ring cross section dia
  8. well i bought him lunch which certainly didn't cover my debt. He wouldn't take any money. Yeah he was around 22 yr old and sitting in the shop office waiting on his dad to finish some task on his Esprit. Alex was visiting his parents from college. His dad told me he had just gotten out of Marines. I figured if anyone was up to the task of removing the carpet, it would be a young Marine! He didn't even complain or swear during the process. Me on the other hand...a constant stream of grunts and curses! His quiet dedication to the job put me to shame and changed my attitude during the effort. Sometimes misery really does love company
  9. LOL my buddy's son was visiting the club shop when i started this task. i hadn't met him until i asked him to help me remove the carpet. It took both of us 4 hrs. I feel like he saved my life in battle. it was such a bitch of a job, i would jump in front of a bullet for him for his help that day!
  10. although i don't have recent experience with them, i have received bad parts from the usual retailers, including bushings. Remember that the retailers also seek alternate sources and these are often not reliable these days. Personally experienced examples are: upper ball joints with non-parallel bolt holes, Lotus-stock vinyl stickers and foam weather strip that disintegrated when removed from the packaging, rubber bushes that were probably 20+ years old, well past its shelf life, poly bushes that crumbled within 3000 miles, v belts from local autoparts store that all broke after 2 weeks, control arm studs 10mm too short, the list goes on. These days i am surprised when something does work, instead of when it doesn't. Send them back and maybe try another retailer.
  11. i recently removed mine. it wasn't much fun. it was working fine but I didn't like it...too 70's looking. PM me if you are interested in it. cheers
  12. wow. for future reference there is this http://www.darkside.ca/tech/CL77-3-402.pdf
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