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  1. This method, but I will find a circuit breaker...
  2. Think its the Apeman 520, HD, quality good - let me get a sample video from the PC and another photo from the passenger seat (the camera is hidden behind the mirror).
  3. I had a little too much time on my hands over Christmas and produced this. I still love the 288GTO, refreshed with Harry Metcalfe's recent video. Is meant as light-hearted comparison (it got roasted on PH):
  4. Braemar on Hogmanay - a tad chilly ! Noted that the ice warning comes on at 2degC in the Emira 🥶
  5. Loved the Tillets in my old 7 SLR 😍 (except when the water collected in the bottom 🤣)
  6. Love these ! What do you do with the electric motor and heated seat wires ? Does disconnecting cause any issues with the ECUs ? This may sound bonkers, but would you consider fitting the driver's seat only ? I know it might look wonky.....
  7. Weather cleared, but was 1degC this morning and the car didn't want to turn over, as the battery charge was too low. Moved through the steps to #6 pretty quickly, so 3-4 hrs on was enough to build-up charge to start on its own.
  8. Got my first "don't ignore me" from the car this weekend (have been busy, its been wet) - first was a "Low Battery" warning, so went for a 30+ mile dual carriageway drive, then a low tyre pressure warning (temperature had dropped). The tracker is giving me an indicated 12.4v (through the app) - is there a voltage below which the warning can appear or engine may struggle to turn over ? I have a conditioner, but need the car out of the garage to do this (no power in the garage). Its going to be another crap weather weekend here 😑
  9. I'm sure I should read this at some point and find out how to operate parts of the car 🤣
  10. Saw the what I would guess is the Osmium Blue - compared to the Nimbus, it's like an ice blue - very 'sharp' in metallic terms - very "fresh ! There was a Mist White inside the factory, but not close enough, or outside, to view or say anything about it.
  11. Loving that first photo - colour, composition 🙂
  12. Today's little excursion PXL_20230627_112816799.mp4
  13. I was going to make a joke, but that is a stunning colour and photo 😎
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