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  1. For a modified road car - as far as Evija is a road car - as opposed to a from-the-ground-up race car, this performance is impressive. The final straight was just the right side side of scary and the number of corners where Dirk Muller had to litterally coast into it was ridiculous as he carried so much speed and the torque was just always there... Evija X weighs under 1600kg A road Evija weighs under 1900kg, question is, how much weight can be shed from that car if you remove the active aero?
  2. This does not look like the standard seat... but it doesn't quite look like a single piece bucket seat either.
  3. Surely 1 bitcoin will suffice? no!? I mean 2 bitcoins should pay for a fully specced emira and then some.
  4. Emira S incoming?! Bring on the 410 (416 hp) engine tune maybe... Are we finally going to see the new OE bucket seats?
  5. I totally missed that... Sad news indeed He was one of the greats. May he rest in peace and design.
  6. That's the third of fourth relaunch of this atelier and only the second under Geely. Advanced Performance was supposed to do exactly what Chapman Bespoke is supposed to do, they were supposedly responsible for the Evija Fittipaldi, the Type 66, they Type 136 (electric bicycle) and the Lotus Emira Balmain team up, which was for a videogame (NFS Unbound). The move is partially for the chinese market... And I think they should have gone one step further, the Lotus roundel should associate Lotus to Chapman on it instead of NYO on the Chinese market. It would have been an elegant solution to a problem that not even Geely could resolve. Advanced performance was supposed to be the umbrella for everything, including motorsport, I guess their activity perimeter is now under review as there is no trace of L.A.P on the corporate website.
  7. So yup it is very much on par with a Taycan, which turbo S version starts at 161k, so actually the Emeya R may undercut the Taycan on value which is the play made by Lotus management right now
  8. I think you are right on the dealer network and the direct to customer approach, this one is always tricky and it appears they haven't scaled their customer care plateform accordingly. But when it comes to cachet, I do think they have it and as it is EVs we are talking about, the following does not matter as much. China and the US will gulp most of these cars and if Porsche as cult status and the Germans still do well there's room for new entrants in the EV segments. However, in order to make a mark, the cars will have to deliver on absolutely every aspects : design, they do ; ergonomics and ease of use, they do or do they? ; range (that is a big one and I don't think Eletre is delivering on that one. I think despite Volvo and Geely's experience on Zeeker and Polestar something did go amiss. There's still time for course correction though . Any way time will tell, and also the one thing that cannot be argued is the following, Lotus and Geely did promise cars in a given timeline, it was slow in the beginning, but Emira got out and the Lotus Tech cars are coming out pretty close to on schedule, the next one is due in two years so a bit of a wait but they are not vaporware and that is a first in a long time.
  9. I understand you point but to me they are just positioning themselves in the same bracket as the Porsche EV offering. The question is whether or not EVs' used car market will one day find its footing.
  10. NedaSay

    Formula One

    They actually resigned before the start of the season but stayed onboard for the first event and to make the transition a little less painful. There are a lot of good F1 personal up for grabs for teams that need to add to their staff. @Kimbers to answer your question the two versions of the same black car are to please BWT the pink one and to remind the french people that the team is indeed a french one racing in the national color. Not that I think they are racing right now they are pretty much going round and round in circles at the back of the pack which is a shame considering Alpine is a full blown works team. I understand that the engine spec is frozen and will be keeping them toward the back of the pack till the change of spec in 20226, but I don't quite understand how their chassis team got that bad, except for the fact that their upper management until last year was a revolving doors due to a ridiculous and completely unrealistic 100 races plan.
  11. NedaSay

    Formula One

    Holy shitze!!! The team with arguably the worst name in formula 1 since HRT team racing team has come up with the best livery of 2024 so far. The team once known as Minardi, European Minardi, Scuderia Toro Roso, Scuderia Alpha Tauri and now VCARB has painted its car entirely... In blue, white and red... it is very reminiscent of the Toro Roso 2017 livery which was one of the best of the year back then. The team has also acquired an slew impressive new of sponsors: Visa, Cash App, Hugo Boss, Tudor ... And with the continued presence of Honda and Orlen, pretty much looks the part of a semi factory program.
  12. NedaSay

    Formula One

    Uh the liveries for the season are very emo so far, here is Alpine take on black with colors: Above is the pink version.... and below is the blue...
  13. NedaSay

    Formula One

    Considering that Horner and Newey are sort of tied at the hip. RBR shall be very prudent what they wish for, if this is the final nail in the coffin between Horner, Marko and the upper management at Redbull. The leak is timely. But the long term effect on Redbull could be devastating. letting go of Horner may not at the desired effect if Newey decides to get out. Last time Newey was not heavily involved with the design it did not go so well.
  14. NedaSay

    Formula One

    The first cars/liveries unveiled in 2024. Have at it.
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