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Community Answers

  1. M8 standard pitch = 1.25 mm. M8 fine pitch = 1.00 mm (or 0.75 mm).
  2. AFAIK the crank sensor is a VR type sensor and the signal coming out of it is an AC signal. The peak to peak voltage depends on the engine / flywheel rpm.
  3. Hi Bibs, since a couple of days I run into a problem with the grouping / sorting of the various subforums / topics. (no grouping / or sorting just a long list) Until here everything goes OK: But when i go into the Esprit section I get this: Just a long list. I did probably something wrong, but what? and more impotant how can I get things right again? (It happens in Chrome and Edge)
  4. Picture of the leftside cut-out I made
  5. And if yuo make 2 cut-outs in the mounting lips of the of the tray for clearing the oilcoolers than they can stay in place the next time when you need to drop de radiator pack.
  6. The wheel project took a bit longer, but is now in progress and almost finished. After the summer of last year i bought 4 new tires in the correct SE size, Pirelli P700 215/50R15 and Cooper Zeon RS3-G1 245/50/R16. A couple of weeks ago I had some time to spend on the car, and removed all 4 wheels. The inner lips of the 2 front rims were damaged and needed repairing. The rears were OK. They all could do with a new coating (paint or powdercoat). As I didn't like the damages on the front wheels I did a little of searching and found new front wheels for a very good price. So i bought them. (SJSportscars). The new front and the old rear wheels are at the wheel repair shop at the moment in order to have them all (new ones also in order to avoid a color difference between the front and rear) powder coated.
  7. 4 threaded rods, a couple of washers and nuts are your friend.
  8. The microswitch is located at the base of the handbrake lever. Section (function code) 33.05 part 15 of the parts list.
  9. Hi Martin, Just a couple of observations which will hopefully lead to a good running Esprit. I saw on the pictures that you have a battery isolation switch taped to the battery. If you disconnect the battery every time the ECU (steuergerät) will loose it's learned / stored values, among those values is the proper positioning of the IAC valve. The TPS (drosselklappensensor) is renewed. Was the minium position set? (easiest with the use of freescan). The lambda sensor (oxygensensor / sauerstoffsensor) is renewed. Did you use a generic sensor or an esprit specific one? My own experience is that the Esprit does not like the generic ones........... Luftmassenmesser (Airflowsensor). The esprit does not have a MAF (Manifold Airflow) Sensor but use a speed density system. So something is not right here......................... If you mean the MAP (Manifold Air pressure) sensor than what sensor did you use? Temperature sensor (temperaturfühler) replaced. There are two in use by the ECU, one for the coolant (ECT) and one for the Manifold Air (MAT). Which one was replaced? There are actually two ECT sensors one is for the ECU (located under the aft part of the inlet manifold) and one is for the gauge in the dashboard (located at the waterpump). No Error codes - It is unlikely that the ECU has gone wrong, they are almost "bombenfest". I hope the above information helps.
  10. On my SE the plug has a flange for a copper washer (I use a bonded seal) so most likely (almost sure from memory) the thread is not conical but straight.
  11. If the Fuel Pump relay clicks is does not mean that the switch contacts in the relay are OK. Make sure that the connectors in the relay holder are in the right position (ie Not moved down). are clean and that the connection to the wires are still good. Replace the relay for a new one (they won't break the bank). Check voltages after every single item. Check / follow wires and find out where / if the alarm (immobiliser) system might interfer with the fuelpump power system. (most likely you will find the addional wiring (if fitted) somewhere in the "spaghetti mess" above the right hand fuel tank) As a side note the ECU will run the Fuel Pump for aprox 5 seconds and than stops it after switching on the ignition and not starting. Of course if you start the car the fuelpump is commanded on again.
  12. "The way of power" to the Fuel Pump is (on my 1990 SE): Battery Fuel Pump Fuse Fuel Pump Relay which is controlled by the ECU Inertia Switch Fuel Pump Checking for Power after each component (+12V) in the above sequence make things easier to track down for the possible power problem. Bridging / Jumping the contacts 30 and 87A on the Fuel Pump relay only takes out the relay of the "chain". Further down the line there is still the inertia switch. If this one is faulty than the pump will also never run. I'm speaking from experience where the car/engine stopped (close to home) due to no more running of the fuelpump. In the end as an emergency repair bridging the inertia switch solved the problem and I was able to drive home. The inertia switch was not "activated" etc. I replaced it later on and all was OK again.
  13. Now the bolt is out replace it with an allen bolt.
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