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Starter motor issue

Neil Potter

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Afternoon folks, it's been a while since I've been here with a problem - two whole years without a hitch!

Starter motor started doing the thing where there is a click and then nothing, intermittently.  Assumed to be the solenoid on the way out, so this was the excuse I needed to replace the original Lucas lump with one of the hi-torque units (which incidentally are not quite a trouble-free fit - the terminals are on the bottom of the unit so your cables may not stretch).

All well for a couple of starts, but now doing it again.

I'm baffled as the click can only be the solenoid in the starter, and the trigger wire must be working.  I've tightened up the positive terminal on the battery on the basis that maybe it's not getting enough juice to fire the motor, but it still happens.

Any ideas?




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First thing I'd check is engine earth, followed by battery condition then ignition switch.  Did you extend the cables during the fit?  If so, have a good look at those.

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How old is battery? Mine just died after 3 years.

Just checking the voltage may help, but they can show 12.6v and still have no power in them (be unable to provide current). Tightening the terminal on a dead battery won't help I'm afraid.

Apologies if you know this...

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The high torque starter I ordered arrived with the terminals in the wrong place. No way my leads would have fitted, and it should have been a direct replacement. Sent it back to PNM and they replaced it.

I wonder if you have the same problem.

Margate Exotics.

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Tight battery terminals is one thing, clean ones another. I've had numerous cars get a bit of crusty corrosion inside the battery terminals that will pass enough voltage to run accessories, but not the current needed to crank the engine.  Always a happy fix when it occurs!

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Thanks gents I'll get the emery cloth out.  Engine earths should be OK, I added another one as a precaution a while back.  Battery is a 3 year old Yuasa, spends a lot of time on a conditioner so I'd be pretty miffed if it's that but will check.  I had thought about ignition switch, hope not as I bet it's a real pain to replace!

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