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  1. I do indeed have ALDL to USB cable sets available for immediate shipment, see this eBay link to order: https://www.ebay.com/itm/175448207955 There seems to be some new restriction in the UK that prevents buyers from ordering these, but I do have a workaround. Message me if you are in the UK and wish to order. Cheers!
  2. You can fit the later hub carriers on your SE. There is a larger web with a hole in it for the later handbrake cable, but you should be able to route your existing one without issue. Hubs/bearings etc. are all the same.
  3. FreeScan 2.10 is available here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/bd8qp1gc8kwmc6k/freescan_210.zip?dl=0
  4. If the loose wire has not been plugged into the coolant sensor under the intake manifold then the fans will never come on, and the engine will not run properly.
  5. If not, I offer them here, shipped worldwide via eBay's Global Shipping program: https://www.ebay.com/itm/174943876951
  6. $100 per set of 4, including all hardware and shipping in the US only. Note that these are specifically for US-specification Esprits only, designed to fit the 5.75" headlight mounting bases. https://www.jwspeaker.com/products/led-headlights-model-8630-evolution/ https://www.amazon.com/JW-Speaker-8630-5-75-Headlight/dp/B015ZBZMOM/
  7. I used genuine (and very expensive) DOT-legal LED lamp assemblies from JW Speaker, made here in the USA.
  8. Nice write-up! If there's enough interest, I could be convinced to make another run of these.
  9. Here's my solution to the engine support issue. Inspired by a tool made by Stan, a former Lotus/Lambo tech. Adjustable up and down, it makes transaxle installation much easier. There is a large pad on a swivel on the other end of the centre threaded adjuster that supports the sump.
  10. A missing resistor module in the red socket will most assuredly cause a code 26, so you might as well start there.
  11. I can provide a laptop cable and USB adapter, PM me for details, or visit my website at http://home.earthlink.net/~turboesprit2/bitsforsale.html.
  12. Inspired by Craig's vacuum pump delete idler shown in his post above (Htown), I designed and had fabricated a similar adjustment plate that uses the existing vacuum pump bracket. Like his, it is designed to use the A/C tensioner pulley, but can alternatively use an off-the shelf idler assembly from a Ford (with the substitution of a different spacer and bolt). Tension adjustment is performed exactly as it is with the factory pump installed, except one can now easily access the top pivot bolt! If anyone else wants to do this I did have a few extras made, PM me for details.
  13. Not the model builder's fault. Monogram re-purposed their 1988 Esprit model kit to create the Sport 300, obviously they fell short.
  14. http://www.mouser.com/search/ProductDetail.aspx?R=0virtualkey0virtualkey12015798-B http://delphi.com/manufacturers/cv/connection-systems/catalog/feature?search=12015798
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