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1990 Esprit Turbo SE


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Hello everyone,,  I know this is an old thread but I just put my 90 SE engine/trans back In the car after a clutch , timing belt, water pump etc. After reconnecting all the systems I did a test start and it immediately went to fast idle and sounded normal. As it throttled back, the idle it got lumpy and sounded almost like a cylinder wasn't firing. I pulled each spark plug wired off one at a time and each one affected the running so they all have spark. I have one 2 wire connector that doesn't seen to have a mate. Its part of the harness branch where the TPS connector and flywheel sensor are. Its a longer wire but does not go anywhere. This may be the problem so I'm wondering if anyone knows where this connector goes ?

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That may be a superfluous connector.  I'll guess at MAP sensor connections, or maybe NRV back to front.

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Air intake temperature sensor on the chargecooler?

Depending on how rough it's running, it might just be the ECU relearning. If it's not too bad, I'd take her out for a spin and see if things clear when driven.

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Update on the rough idle:  I discovered the O2 sensor connector had unclipped while moving the downpipe during teardown. That problem is solved but now have another issue. Since I never used the AC due to it never worked,  I decided not to reinstall the compressor and capped off the lines. Problem is now the cooling fans don't come. I'm wondering if I can jumper it out ?    

PS.. The coolant temp gauge is working.


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The ECU and the Coolant temp. gauge both have their own temperature sensor.

For the gauge the sensor is on the forward part of the engine block (waterpump) and is a single wire connection.

The ECU uses a sensor on the right side of the engine block, under the inlet manifold and has a 2 wire connector.

The ECU controls the rad fans based (mainly) on the coolant temp.


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If the loose wire has not been plugged into the coolant sensor under the intake manifold then the fans will never come on, and the engine will not run properly.

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