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Community Answers

  1. I think it's the same as a Chevolet S10 Blazer (1991 on) and Standard Motor Products (SMP) make a couple of pigtail connectors for it (part numbers S-619 and HP4440). Found on quite a few Vauxhalls too (e.g. some Corsa 'C' models).
  2. The A075W1021Z in the 1993-1996 parts manual might be a typo as the 1988-1992 parts manual has the part number A075W1012Z. The 1996-2004 parts manual lists the GT3 clutch cover bolt as M8 x 20 mm (part no. A075W1038Z).
  3. If you are seeing the crank pulses but not getting any RPM reading then that suggests a faulty ECU. The ECU will use the fuel pump to prime the fuel system at key-on (the time varies according to whether the engine is cold, warm or hot) but if it does not see any RPM then it shuts the fuel pump off for safety reasons.
  4. Rather confusingly the clutch cover spring washer (part no. A075W4032Z) is listed in the 1988-1992 and 1993 - 1996 parts manuals as M6 but in the 1996-2004 parts manual it is listed as M8.
  5. Are you sure you are looking at he right part number? In the 1988-1992 parts manual the M8 clutch cover bolt is listed for the 1988 MY USA model only. You may find it's an M6 bolt as per the description for the washer.
  6. Starting with the basics; when using Freescan under the 'Engine Data' tab are you seeing values of 0, 1 & 2 for the 'Crank Sensor' parameter when cranking the engine? If you aren't then that suggests an issue with one of the following: 1. The crank sensor 2. The wiring between the crank sensor and the ignition module 3. The ignition module 4. The wiring between the ignition module and the ECU 5. The ECU
  7. Good luck in finding a hydrogen filling station. As of December last year there were only 16 in the UK and only about half of them are open to the public. I suspect their roll out will be slower than EV charging points.
  8. I've said the same about people for years.
  9. A beeping is nothing to do with the factory alarm as that uses the horn as a siren. There is probably an aftermarket alarm / immobiliser fitted.
  10. The sole reason for inputting the mass, width and span of the belt is to enable the device to convert the frequency it has measured into Newtons. This means you can set the belt tension to the manufacturer specified tension value regardless of whether they give it in Hertz or Newtons.
  11. The material specification for the rear hub carriers used on vehicles with ABS sensors was LM25TF to BS 1490 with a Brinell hardness of 90 - 110. I imagine the earlier hubs would have been the same.
  12. Have you tried datalogging using Espritmon or TunerPro to see if that gives a clue as to what may be happening?
  13. Could it be BRN / BLK and have come from position C3 (green connector)?
  14. Does the car have an aftermarket alarm and/or immobiliser?
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