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Evora Picture & Video Thread


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Good shout.  From your 3 quarter view it looks great and I’d guess that from full on rear view it would look equally striking.

IMO, A contrast is what you want with CF body parts like this.  Think surgically enhanced b@@bs - who’d ever want them to blend in completely!  

It also amazes me how much heat dissipates out of those vents - i suppose that increases exponentially when the car is moving and that can’t be a bad thing. 

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I keep my Evora covered on the drive in bad weather.

5am this morning.  Never seen this before.  Any ideas for how to prevent it happening again.

I haven’t uploaded the video but the sound of their feet on it when they ran off was not very nice.



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Foxes are nigh impossible to dissuade. Whatever you do, they work out isn't a problem for them sooner or later and then take the p**s out of you. Cheeky little buggers. Probably the more you try to dissuade them from the Evora specifically the more they will get on it.

On the plus side, it's unlikely they are doing much damage. Especially on a 400 where they can't even bend the mesh over the radiator vents.

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