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Evora Picture & Video Thread


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On 05/09/2023 at 12:59, AK70 said:

It's just a mountain
It's just a road
It's just a car

When it comes together, it's just incredible...

PS: freely adapted from TT.. 😉




Absolutely stunning photos.

And the one of your car, in front of the hotel, really makes me think the Evora is the best looking car ever. Perfect.

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15 hours ago, MrBlueSky said:

makes me think the Evora is the best looking car ever

Because it is... 😉

For the few who know the difference
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Superb video @Niffty951.  Thank you indeed for the parting gift. It was exciting to see an Evora pop up on my favourite you tube channel.

Very brave of you to put your car in Misha’s hands. He really doesn’t go easy, but it was a great video and a great advert for the Evora. The car held up brilliantly.

I think you need to change your username to Ice Man though - how did you stay so calm?


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Thanks for that. Nice drive.

Couple of things. I noticed a lot of the lap was done in 3rd and 4th using most of the rev range, particularly in 3rd. Did you get an mpg reading?

What tyre pressures did you start with, and did you notice what they reached at the end of the fast lap?

Did the car bottom out at any point, or go light on the steering over a crest anywhere?

Just on the pads, was it smoke or just hot dust rising?

It must have been quite an experience to have a ring expert take you round. Great vid to have.






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Tyre pressures I'd set in advance so they were ~32/34 at the end of lapping.

The car didn't bottom out or scrub anywhere. Although it looks very close in the photos!

He got 8.7mpg vs my 8.1mpg, shows how much over braking and 2nd gear I used (but only my first 3 laps ever at the ring).

Car/steering did feel a little light at times over crests, but still not enough to unsettle the tyres.


The pads were smoking, not impressed with the Carbon Lorraine pads at all. They rattled in the calipers and overheated leading to a very hard/unresponsive brake pedal within 1/2 a lap with me driving.

In their defence they always came back once cooled and I did another track day on these same pads after I drove home.

They were removed from the car before I sold it.

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Most surreal point for me was when he realised there were back seats and looked over his shoulder - just as he went round the corner at Breidsheid.  

It’s a really good point about your mpg vs his and the benefit of carrying speed, but of course there goes the benefit of his 5000 or 10000 plus laps.  

In that regard I think I’d say you were normal braking than overbraking given there is very little margin for error there.  I’m not familiar with the S’ sport button though.  Did you have the traction full on or off or is there a mid setting?

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I don't believe the sport button alters the traction control. It only holds the exhaust valve open and changes the throttle map I believe.

I always have the traction control fully off on track though and advised him to do the same as it's a lot more clear in it's communications around the limit with it off.

When on it's quite vague about how much Work it's doing? You get a feeling of the wheels being braked quite early. Off I find the car slips and moves in a gentile, reassuring way quite a lot before it really lets go on you, usually when it does snap to a big angle it's because you haven't given the weight a chance to settle onto the tyre well and even then it never span on me. I had a few big angle moments, looking at 90deg to the track, not sure it would come back, but it always stayed true to the line the car was on, never ploughed the front end forward like a Z4M does and always came back.

A very friendly car beyond the limit.

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  • Gold FFM

The sport button on the S1 Evora and Evora S certainly does affect the traction control, and allows a little bit more slip than normal, but it not fully off.




"The Sport Mode selector button is provided to deliver quicker throttle response, increased power induced wheel slip-page thresholds, no throttle reduction on detection of understeer,and a maximum continuous engine speed raised from 6,600 to 7,000 rpm."

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I don't get them @MrBlueSky and am quite happy I don't! I have no idea as to why.... Sorry.

That looks very racey @hamza. What exhaust is it, the tips look great.

I came into this world screaming and covered in someone elses blood. I'll probably leave it in the same way. 


The small print.

My comments and observations are my own, invariably "tongue in cheek", and definitely, sarcastic in nature. Therefore, do not take my advice, suggestions, observations or posts seriously or personally and remember if you do, do anything, that I may have suggested, then you have done this based solely on your own decision to do so and therefore you acknowledge responsibility and accountability (I know, in this modern world these are the hardest things for you to accept) for your actions and indemnify me of any influence, responsibility, accountability, or liability, in what you have done. In other words, you did it, so suffer the consequences on your own!

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20 hours ago, MrBlueSky said:

Sorry to post this here but seeing that admin are very effective at directing correct use of the site, I'm wondering if they can do something about the numerous bad taste & neo porn adverts that keep flashing up in between section headers.


I also don’t receive any of the ads that you mention. Other than being a moderator, I am also a FFM and I run an adblocker on most (if not, all) of my devices.

Also, bear in mind that the ad content that you receive is often determined by your browsing history. 😉

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17 hours ago, AK70 said:

By the way the rear of the Evora just looks better… 😉IMG_0416.jpeg.b9756e35f2d58c649d8d3f9d3beeaa35.jpegIMG_0415.jpeg.00359501cdd470c0c63a6e41e65a62f5.jpegIMG_0410.jpeg.d632e562599785e014aba4892331e82f.jpeg

All of the Evora looks better. The Emira is the "ugly sister" Well, not ugly, just not as good looking 😉

PS nice photo's by the way. Beauty and the beast(s) 😉

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